Our Projects

We work side by side with property development firms and property investors alike, introducing exclusive developments directly to property investors. The projects we work with are extremely select, and exclusive. The opportunities add value and short term turnarounds for our customers property portfolios. But, more than anything, the opportunities are not typically available to the standard property investor. Most, if not all, are developer level turnkey residential and commercial development purchases and sales. Our customers assist our partners with working capital to acquire sites that, after exhaustive analysis, planning and more, are purchased and packaged for the sale to an end user.

Our main role and service provided is the sourcing and provision of international project capital to developers for significant development in the residential and commercial property sector, mostly Private Rental Schemes (PRS)

Due to the limited availability of these projects, we typically provide information to existing subscribers only.

In order to access full details of current projects available, please go to the investor page and complete the self certification process. Once you have self certified the full information will then be provided by a member of our team