04 Apr

Brexit and the UK property sector

When the UK voted to leave the EU, many predicted another crash- – similar to that the one the country experienced in 2008. However, we’re now close to a year since the historic decision and aside from an immediate wobble in the pound and a handful of companies looking at moving production out of the UK, not much has changed with regards to the business and financial sectors. So how has the property market been affected?

27 Mar

PRS: The Evolution of the Build-to-Rent sector in the UK

The Private Rented Sector has undergone much evolution over the past five years, particularly with the creation of the Private Rented Sector Taskforce as well as the Build-to-Rent fund. The government further stimulated the sector with a £1bn Build-to-Rent fund, providing loans and equity to build-to-rent developers, and with a PRS Debt Guarantee scheme which has now reached fruition. PRS is now high on the agenda – from a public, institutional and private point of view.

13 Mar

Developer Finance with Planning Permission

Investing in property is still one of the finest ways to safeguard your money, generate a steady income, and of course build upon an investment. But it’s not as simple as finding a project and running with it; there’s a myriad of things to consider when it comes to property investment. And when you’re talking about investing in a property that needs a lot of work – or even one that isn’t built yet – you must ensure all the boxes have been ticked.

20 Feb

The Importance of Saving Young

I am sure you will agree, children don’t need help in spending money but saving is a completely different matter altogether! As I write this, I am one of ‘those’ individuals who didn’t pay attention to his Father when I was a child, what I mean is that I didn’t pay attention to his wise words of wisdom which were along the lines of “stop wasting your money son, you’ll regret it, better off saving that money son!” or “why don’t you put that money in the bank?”.

15 Jan

Adding Value & Revenue: A property based income ‘tradable’

Ok, so I don’t want to risk putting my hard earned savings into the stock market nor do I want to leave it in the bank, for starters have you seen the current interest rates? It could be said, that, if we were doing the monthly or yearly weather report, it would sound something like this: “high chance of no earnings for you but mostly sunny for the banks & Government”